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The 1st In Malaysia with 8’s In Agriculture Industry.

After Sales Services

Our after-sales services consist of excellence technical and customer support, includes installation, maintenance, guidance, modification, repair etc. Our after-sales services team are committed on solving customer’s issues and is available and ready whenever and wherever customers are needed. Our focus of after-sales service includes:

1. Speedy Service

We provide fast, reliable, on-site emergency service. Well trained and experienced engineers are on hand to provide customers with reliable service and support.

2. Spare Parts Support

Provide stable & continuous spare parts, reduce inventory worries. Guarantee quality parts with reasonable & fair price system.

3. Preventive Machine Maintenance

Take preventive measures to protect the machine. We offer our customers preventative machine maintenance programs, regular visits and inspection.

4. Operation and Training

Enhance technician’s operational and technical skills to improve production efficiency. We have formulated target training programs to enhance the user’s site operation and problem solving.

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We are always ready to assist you with any questions you may have in mind.